An individual or organization wishing to join the NIAMINI INITIATIVE will initially complete and submit a membership application to the Membership Committee for review. Upon review and initial approval of the application, the membership committee will vote for final decision to approve or reject applicants.

New members will be accepted by members at the General meeting.

Preference will be given to organizations / institutions / companies working or supporting person with Disabilities and may be open to interested individuals who may provide technical expertise for the benefits of the NIAMINI INITIATIVE.
Each member is entitled to one vote in NIAMINI INITIATIVE.

Membership will not be terminated by membership committee except in the event of disqualification in Legal status, resignation, expulsion or dissolution of NIAMINI INITIATIVE.

>Must be mentally sound.
>Must be 18 years or older.
>Must be working or supporting in disability sector in Tanzania.

Must be a registered NGO, Charity, Non/Profit Company or Association in Tanzania.

Must be ready to follow NIAMINI INITIATIVE constitution

Membership can be individual or organizational membership. In the case of an organizational membership, each organization is granted one vote

Individual Membership

A qualified individual may join the Association upon approval of the membership committee

Individual members are entitled to all benefits and must abide by all approved RLC policies and all responsibilities outlined within this constitution.

Individual memberships are not transferable.

Individual members are entitled to one vote.

Organizational Membership
Local or International charitable organizations are eligible to join the Association upon approval of the membership committee. Preference will be given to organization providing services to marginalized groups and vulnerable populations.

Organizations will designate organizational representatives to serve as voting members of the Association.

Organizational members are entitled to one vote, to be cast by their designated representative.

If an organization’s representatives are chosen to take place in the management team, he/she can still represent the organization as such.

Organizational members (and their representatives) are entitled to all benefits and must abide by all rules and regulations as well as fulfill all responsibilities.


All members must –
Accept and abide by the mission, set policies and responsibilities of NIAMINI INITIATIVE

Pay required fees as set by the Executive Committee approved by General assembly.

Assist with special projects, events, and NIAMINI INITIATIVE activities.

Commit to at least one year of membership.

Must promote a positive image of NIAMINI INITIATIVE

All full members:

Will receive opportunities to participate, share experience and implement projects.

Will receive fund, donation and implement projects upon resources availability and depending on terms or conditions of the resources

Have voting rights at membership meeting 

Comprehensive Community Based
Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)

CCBRT, a Tanzanian non-governmental organization, was established in 1994 in response to the needs of people with disabilities in and around Dar es Salaam and the lack of accessible services to them. It comprises two community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs in Dar es Salaam and Moshi, a disability hospital, and an active international training programme.

Blind (TNIB)
Information Centre on Disability (ICD)

ICD is a non-profit making civil society organization established by professionals with disabilities whose ultimate objective has been researching, documenting, publishing and broadly disseminating information pertaining to disability. It also addressed itself to be at the forefront in advocating for rights of people with disabilities.

Tanzania Cheshire Foundation (TCF)

The Miyuji Cheshire Home provides a range of services to 40 children with intellectual disabilities, including educational and physical development. It also incorporates a resource and information dissemination centre on early childhood development and disability issues for parents, care givers and other community members.

Tanzania Resource and cmapai

Tanzania Resource and Assessment Centre for Children with disabililiy he) is a non – governmental organization established by the parents of children with disabilities and professionals in the field of education, health and community development.

Tanzania National Institute for the Blind (TNIB)

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