Our Objectives

Working within the framework of, and seeking to bring into reality, the rights recognized in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – a treaty we played a key role in bringing into force, both internationally and in Tanzania

Working with and for all people with all types of impairment/disability, and with all specific disability population groups, including women with disability, children and young people with disability, First Peoples with disability, and people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Working on issues that concern all people with disability, learning from and linking our individual experiences to create comprehensive agendas for social change that leave no-one behind; a fundamental commitment to self-help, mutual support and self-representation for all people with disability, by all people with disability

Advocating on behalf of people with disability, particularly where our rights have been infringed to address the discrimination, marginalisation, poverty and human rights abuses to which people with disability are often subject in our community

Empowering people with disability to take control of their own lives by providing information, advice, education and mutual support, by providing personal advocacy support to individuals and groups whose rights have been violated, and by identifying and promoting social change to realize human rights. The services will not be limited to members of the project

Promoting access to proper and adequate representation of people with disability on all bodies which make decisions that affect our lives

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