Niamini Initiative is a Organization to Tanzania-based NGO with a big impact. Established in 2020, We are passionate tackling gender inequality, and women and youth as well as Disabilities are at the heart of Niamini Initiative's work .

But we must do more

Our experiences has shown us that supporting Disabilities, women and girls to claim their rights and help lead their communities out of the poverty is most effective way of changing everyone's lives for good. We understand the deep-rooted problems facing disabilities, women, and girls and work alongside whole communities to find solutions.

Please support us in our mission to catalyze more ambitious communities action, and to ensure that disabilities, youth , women and children around the world benefit their potentials to their communities like others and its people as much as possible, by donating to Niamini Initiative.

Money donated through this page is used to help fund our initiatives and innovations and the ongoing improvements to our Standard, Niamini Initiative for the Global Goals. If you wanted to offset your emissions and support Niamini Initiative's projects directly, please visit our Project Marketplace

Before donating please read our donation Terms & Conditions 

Donation Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering making a donation to support the work of Niamini Initiative. Please see below for key terms and conditions.

Tax Deduction
Your donation to Niamini Initiative , a non-profit organization, may be tax deductible depending on the laws of your home country. The Niamini Initiative makes no representations or warranties as to whether your donation is tax deductible. The Niamini Initiative will not at any time provide any advice as to whether your purchase is tax deductible. Instead, you should consult a local tax professional.

Due to administrative limitations within our small team, your donations to Niamini Initiative are non-refundable.

Governing Law
The laws of United Republic of Tanzania govern donations made to Niamini Initiative

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Bank Name: CRDB BANK
Account Number: 0150624862300 

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